Apple has launched new Macbook Pro 2019 must know its price in India

 Apple has launched the most powerful MacBook Pro laptop, what will be the price in India?

MacBook Pro laptop

Apple has launched the new Range of MacBook Pro laptop with processor 8th and 9th generation Intel. The new 15-inch screen Apple MacBook Pro is coming with 6-core and 8-core processor options and 5GHz turbo boost speeds. At the same time, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, which comes with the touch bar, has already been equipped with a faster quad-core processor with a turbo boost speed up to 4.7GHz.

Apple has brought the octa-core processor for the first time in the MacBook Pro line-up. This 8-core processor option is only available with the 15-inch MacBook Pro. Apple claims that the 8-core processor laptop models will be the 'fastest Mac Notebooks' laptop ever. Apple has said that this 'MacBook' will get 40 percent more performance compared to the last 6-core MacBook Pro. To run high-end programs, it is being better said than all other laptops.

The stereo speaker comes with a wide-stereo sound in the MacBook and the user gets the Touch ID to keep the notebook safe. SSD storage in MacBook Pro comes with Apple's T2 security chip. Thunderbolt 3 ports have been given for data transfer in Jivis and apart from charging, two 5K display or four external GPUs can be connected in addition to charging.

MacBook Pro laptop

The MacBook Pro line-up comes with different features and hardware combinations depending on the user's need and demand. The new range has a retina display of 500 nits brightness and it snaps to P3 wide colour and True-Tone technology. The new MacBook Pro line-up starts with a 13-inch touch-bar model of Rs 1,59,900. At the same time, the initial price of the 15-inch version will be Rs 1,99,900. This new range will be available only to Apple's Authorized Resellers in India this week. 

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